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AMCM DECA Fundraising Roadside Services

AMCM is the NEW fundraising opportunity for DECA Chapters.

AMCM offers students a dynamic opportunity using their smartphones to market a valuable service that will protect their friends and family. The AMCM Fundraising Platform is designed to reduce the majority of work associated with traditional fundraising options. Use our advanced technology to experience 21st century fundraising that requires no inventory and generates recurring annual revenue.

AMCM is the NEW fundraising opportunity for DECA Chapters. Embrace the future of e-Business and utilize our fundraising platform as an educational opportunity to teach sales and marketing skills.

Did you know?

  • AMCM has a 97% customer approval rating
  • Our dispatch is rated #1 by service providers
  • Our services use 45,000 providers nationwide, including United States, Canada and Mexico
  • We have the quickest response time in the industry – average estimated time of arrival is 36 minutes nationwide
  • We do not end phone calls with our members until help is on the way
  • Average call time is less than 7 minutes

Watch our Sales Companion Video to see how easy it is to buy AMCM Coverage.

Over 19,000,000 Customers!

At AMCM we take pride in providing a peace of mind to our members while they are on the road. As a result of our commitment to excellence, our dispatch team services over nineteen million customers annually while maintaining a ninety-seven percent member-approval rating. The AMCM promise to exceptional customer service is what differentiates us from the industry.


Association Motor Club Marketing is on a mission to make the roadside a safer place when that unexpected happens. At AMCM, we pledge to always be there to serve and support our members. We are honored to welcome you and your family into our continuously growing AMCM Family!

Individual Coverage----

$ 25.00

Per Year

Get total coverage for yourself in any roadside situation.

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Family Coverage----

$ 35.00

Per Year

Get our incredible coverage for your entire family (up to four).

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No matter where you go, AMCM goes with you.

Our services include towing, winching, battery assistance, lock-out assistance, flat tire assistance, collision assistance and much more!

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